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How Can an Severance Pay Help in Toronto?

Severance Pay Help in Toronto

If you have a case with a former employee or contractor who left the company, it is not uncommon to want to know how can an severance pay lawyer help in Toronto. There are different types of severance pay that can be applied for, such as a prorated payment, stock option or commission. With the right professional on your side, you should have no problem receiving all the money you are entitled to. The first step to getting the most out of your severance pay is to hire a qualified employment lawyer. A lawyer who specializes in employment law will know the ins and outs of the employment contract, employment courts and the Fair Employments Act. In addition, they will know how to make sure the company does not try to circumvent the laws to avoid paying you.

Before you get started, find out about the various types of severance pay toronto available. Some of these include: long term disability; long term medical care; and death and dismemberment pay. Each type has different ways to calculate the amount of money you are entitled to. Contact several lawyers to find out more about how can an employment lawyer help in Toronto. It may sound like common sense, but you would be surprised at how many people do not take the time to ask about this important topic. Getting the right advice can make the difference between receiving a fair settlement or being forced to accept a substantially less desirable financial agreement.


As soon as you have hired a Toronto severance lawyer, he or she will review your case and discuss your entitlements. They will do their best to make sure you receive the maximum possible severance pay. In addition, they will also make sure your entitlements are properly calculated and that there are no double payments required. In addition to hiring a lawyer, it is wise to consult with an employment law firm who can offer additional guidance on the details of your case. They can explain the different aspects of employment law, including why severance is an option and the rules which govern it. In addition, an employment law firm can review your case and give you advice on whether or not you qualify for severance.

How Can an Severance Pay Help in Toronto?

Employment lawyer in Toronto are also familiar with employment tribunals, which can be a better source of relevant information. The Office of the Superintendent of Corporate Services (OSCS) deals with employment-related issues on behalf of employers. Employment tribunals in many municipalities around Toronto deal with employment issues such as sick leave, dismissal, redundancy and other employment related matters. An employment lawyer can advise you about your rights and options in these cases.

Because severance pay is often based on an hourly rate, lawyers who provide this service work on a set fee. It is important to keep in mind that the cost of severance pay is not determined until the case has been completely reviewed and a settlement has been reached. Because most employment law cases end with a settlement, the fees associated with these proceedings are usually added to the final bill. If you are considering seeking legal counsel on severance pay, you may want to find out how much experience they have in these types of cases. You should make sure the lawyer you select is experienced in the type of case you are going to be filing.

The laws governing severance pay in Toronto can be quite complex, so it is important that you choose an attorney that is well versed in these areas. It is possible to find out all of this information online. In addition to learning about severance pay, you can learn more about other topics related to employment law. For example, you can learn about the rights of employees and how to go about challenging wrongs in the workplace. An employment lawyer can help you navigate all of these issues.

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