How to get your deposit back when renting student accommodation in Edinburgh

when renting student accommodation in Edinburgh

Many students are not aware that they enter into a legal contract when renting student accommodation. This means that it is important that the agreement is ended properly when you move out. If you are unsure of your rights, contact ENSA Advice for further help and support.

When you book your edinburgh college accommodation, it is normal for your landlord or letting agent to ask for a deposit. The law says that this money must be protected in a recognised tenancy deposit scheme. The property manager will usually give you a receipt when you pay your deposit and a copy of the scheme’s rules.

The deposit is normally held until your tenancy ends and you have returned the property in good condition. If the landlord makes deductions from your deposit, you can dispute them with the scheme provider. This can be done during the tenancy or up to three months after it ends.

How to get your deposit back when renting student accommodation in Edinburgh

If you want to get your deposit back you should make sure that you do the following: Take photos or video recordings of all rooms in the house or flat before you move in and as soon as you finish moving out. This will make it easier to resolve any disagreements about the condition of the property when you leave. Make sure you complete an inventory when you move in and keep a copy. You should also ask your landlord or letting agent to provide you with a copy.

You should contact the tenancy deposit scheme provider as soon as you can after your tenancy ends to check that the deposit has been returned or if there are any deductions. The provider will ask your landlord or letting agent to explain any deductions and you will be able to agree on how much of your deposit should go back to you.

If the property manager has not complied with their legal obligations, you can apply to the tribunal for a return of your deposit and compensation for any loss of use or enjoyment. It is a good idea to speak to your landlord or letting agent before you do this to see if they are willing to come to an agreement.

When choosing student apartments edinburgh, you should consider the cost of bills as well as rent. This will include gas, electricity, water and Wi-Fi. Most halls of residence and private student housing will include these in the rent, but if you choose to live in a shared house, they will be your responsibility. If you are not sure how much they will cost it is worth checking out websites such as Split the Bills.

Another thing to consider when choosing your student accommodation in Edinburgh is the distance to campus and other places that you like going to often. You should also think about the transport network and how far you will be able to travel on foot or by public transport. Finally, it is always a good idea to register with a local doctor and dentist as soon as you can. This will make it easier to access healthcare and it will also make it easier for the university to support you if you are ill.

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