With rapid and comprehensive advancements in technology, you no longer need to carry your cash with you. When you already have your Android smartphone or iPhone, you have more than enough ways to spend your loyalty cards and other credits using the digital wallet. What you need to realize here is that you have options like Google Wallet and Amazon Wallet. However, choosing one over the other would require you to know how one is better than another.

Through this article, you will be able to find out which one is best for you and make the right decision for yourself.

How does Wallet work?

The goal of a digital wallet is to make the physical wallet obsolete. Google Wallet is one of those applications that helps you connect your bank account or your card with the application. This application can be used for purchases made in retail stores. Payments are transferred using NFC technology that only requires touching the device at the payment terminal.

If you are using Amazon Wallet, you will be able to add your loyalty and gift cards.

Amazon wallet

If you are considering using Amazon Wallet, there are a few things you need to know. This application allows you to add loyalty and gift cards that can be added by scanning the barcode on the card or entering the account number. If you want it to be simpler than this, you can even click the photo on both sides of a card. This will help you keep a digital copy and even serve as a visual reference. In any case, you will be free of the obligation to carry a plastic card.

When you want to redeem your card, all you need to do is use the QR or barcode that will be scanned at the end of the advance against the order placed. However, you only have to remember to go to a store that has the utility of using this technology. Another way may be to use your phone number to make transactions that would help you redeem your loyalty card. However, again, if you have a scanned copy of your card, then it is convenient to use it as often as you need an account number.

The most notable thing about the Amazon wallet is that it is built into the Fire Phone. The Magic Window function is used to scan and organize carousel cards. All your frequently used cards will be easily accessible through this arrangement. You can even view your wallet by going to the web: amazon.com/wallet, where you will find all the cards you have added along with your credit and debit cards. All of these are stored on Amazon. For those who are thinking of buying the Fire Phone from Amazon, they can go ahead with the decision as they will be able to use the Amazon Wallet feature to their advantage.

Google wallet

Google Wallet offers you more than the obvious mobile payment service. It gives you the ability to add club balances, loyalty cards, and even money transfers. This seems to give you all the solutions under one roof. Another cool thing to note is that you will be delighted with the tap to pay feature. The only thing that would bother you is that you will have a hard time finding a retailer that supports NFC payment. Without this technology, you will not be able to use this application.

Safety features

The most important thing is the security features that will help the user to maintain privacy. While Amazon provides you with a four-digit PIN that acts as a security feature for a user, this number will block them from chosen cards. Google Wallet offers you a PIN setting that is used to access this application; after an interval of 15 minutes, you will need to use it again. However, you can change the timeline to one day or even disable it if you want.

Looking at what both wallets have to offer, you can choose for yourself what you would like to have. Both have their own advantages, but in the end, it depends on your own level of convenience.

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