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Robbed, Wounded and Left to Die (2)

Were you dispossessed? are you hurt? Betrayed? Are you now abandoned? You are desperate? Have you given up or are you about to? Healing is coming to you today! The poor and desperate widow at the gate of Zarephath and her only son were robbed, wounded and also left to die until God sent her servant to rescue them. He is also sending you help! The story of this desperate woman is one of the most interesting in the entire Bible. She has been grieving the irreparable loss of her husband and possibly the breadwinner. She has been struggling to take care of herself and her only child. And now, there is a food crisis, famine caused by the total drought in the land that has left them with one last meal before starving to death. OMG! A poor, hungry, desperate, hopeless, depressed widow with a son waiting to die. Jesus Christ! What situation can be worse than this? Tell me. You already know that widowhood is one of the most difficult tests of life. Suddenly you lose your partner, your best friend, your helper, your partner, your glory, your encouragement, your protector, your pride, your confidant and your advisor and suddenly you become alone, depressed , naked and single again. I think that is why we are seriously admonished to always take good care of the widows among us. This must be in our first line of responsibility as a church and as individuals.

Elijah himself was no better. Like the rest of the Israelites, he was not happy with the wickedness, paganism, demonism, etc., in the nation. Imagine the level of backsliding when the King of Israel lost his mind to marry Jezebel; she was the daughter of a pagan king and she also joined her in-laws in the satanic worship of Baal. He did not end there. Ahab also built temples, shrines, and towers to this detestable, demonic, bloodthirsty pagan god. Jezebel brought demonism, witchcraft, lust, greed. She sorcery and fall of the king and the people of Israel. Be careful who you marry or associate with. God seriously warned us not to be yoked with the wicked because they will surely lead you away from righteousness to wickedness and destruction. You already know the unenviable story and end of wicked Ahab and Jezebel and the pain they caused Israel. God used the prophet Elijah to intervene. He closed the sky and shot out. Neither rain nor dew on the ground. Yes, impiety, disobedience, idolatry, occultism, bloodshed can bring drought, curses, punishments, confusion, premature deaths and lack of progress to people, families and individuals. The man of God was led to a stream, where he drank and was miraculously fed by ravens. But soon the stream dried up and he was again told to go to the city of Zarephath to meet a widow who would support him until the drought was over. A desperate Elijah was directed to meet a distraught widow who was waiting to die. wow! I really can’t understand this God. He did not send it to the palace. He did not send it to the rich or at least to people who still had a few days’ supply, but to a poor widow who has one last meal to eat and die. Your miracle, your release, your answer is coming from where you did not expect. It will surpass all human imaginations and calculations!

Everything about Elijah and this widow was negative: no water, no food, no help, no future, no hope, and imminent threat of starvation. What is your situation now? Are you disposed of your right? are you afflicted? Were you betrayed? Is your source or hope dry like that stream? Perhaps the reliable supplies have ceased and the ravens (help) are no longer coming? Or do you only have a little left, but after that you will be in a deep crisis? He’s not too sure he can survive and move on because of what’s going on now. Listen now, don’t give up! People have been through the worst situations and survived them. You are sure to be a living testimony through this. Yes. All these negatives are turning into positives now! As you read this, solutions are being given to you in Jesus name! This is not over. I have prayed for you. You won’t sink into this! You will not die. You will live and shine again! God healing your wounds and also giving you back what you lost. Encourage! Share this message with others please.

Gabriel is the author of the books/audiobooks: The Power of Midnight Prayer, Receive Your Healing, Breaking Generational Curses: Reclaiming Your Freedom, Never Again!, I Will Not Die, Moving Forward, The Power of Sacrifice, Prepare for That Battle, and much others


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