A game is supposed to be played in the manner of a gentleman. There is a very nice term that is taught to almost any aspiring cool in any type of game. It’s – ‘Sportsmanship’. The term sounds so small but it has profound implications. As a gamer, you can show off your sportsmanship only when you feel like you are playing the game properly without damaging its strict principles.

Whenever unjustified and illegal means are used, there is no longer a fair game. An act of deception on your part would make it impure. Even though your act perpetuates your victorious position in the game, you will still be accountable to your soul. A remorse in conscience would disturb your conscience forever.

In fact, if you take a hasty journey through the history of the gaming world, you will be surprised to find a fascinating series of reprehensible cheat acts that have ultimately turned the game’s grime-free image into columns. Many cases can be mentioned in this connection. Ben Johnson’s act of doping led to his embarrassing disqualification, Maradona using his hand in a frantic effort to pass the ball into England’s net, Kelvin Sampson being fired from his position as basketball coach at Indiana University, LA captures 2007 record of a staggering number of around 12 NBA umpires by the National Basketball Association.

Cheats of such a gigantic proportion, especially in the arena of professional games, strictly dilute the standard of the game. Being involved in such a heinous act as cheating on a certain player not only ruins your own image, but at the same time endangers the esteem of the team to which you belong. One slander point is enough to ruin a player’s harsh life. Therefore, it is imperative for everyone not to instigate the slightest desire to cheat under any circumstances, even if the prospects seem so attractive.

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