21 May, 2024
2 mins read

Water meters at the point of use

Point of Use (POU) meters are designed to provide a sub-metering solution for those properties that cannot be sub-measured by conventional sub-meters due to plumbing designs that bring multiple pipes into the apartment or office (stacked risers). The meters were specifically designed for stacked vertical pipe configurations typically found in properties that use a central […]

3 mins read

Start investing without money

There is literally money everywhere. When it comes to investing, sometimes we don’t know where to start. There are many investments to choose from, however choosing the best one is not easy. And what do you do if you feel like you have little or no money to start with? First, let’s talk about the […]

8 mins read

Pitch Deck ABC

Launches are scary, even more so if you don’t have an investment winning launch pad. Here are some ABCs to remember. Let’s start with what you should think about when defining and defining your tone. TO • The goal of the speech is to open discussions about investment, mentoring, and start-up assistance. • All investors […]

1 min read

Car puzzle

Car puzzles are for puzzle enthusiasts who are also car enthusiasts. They can combine their passion for cars with their love of puzzles and finally assemble and preserve pictures of their favorite car to display on the wall. One could buy a 500-piece vintage car puzzle for $ 0.86 and a 600-piece Smart Silver sports […]