19 Apr, 2024
6 mins read

Curio cabinet lighting

The variety of curio cabinets is almost as diverse as the many types of curios themselves. However, in basic terms of construction and operation, all cabinet styles can be grouped into two broad categories: mirrors again with wood paneling and back paneling. Both require different lighting and techniques in the curio cabinet to optimize the […]

2 mins read

formica countertops

The most economical approach is post-formed high pressure laminate countertops, often referred to as plastic laminate countertops, although the façade material is more of a wood product, consisting of craft and decorative papers, bonded under high temperature and pressure. We often refer to the product as Formica countertops, but that’s a trade name for a […]

3 mins read

The difference between diamonds and sapphires

Diamonds and sapphires can appear very similar to the untrained eye, yet they are incredibly different gemstones. Both stones are highly valuable and a popular choice for jewelry, including wedding rings, engagement rings, and solitaire pendants. Both are also used to symbolize love, faith, commitment, and trust. So how can you tell the difference between […]

4 mins read

Home Safety Modifications for Seniors

Home modifications are a fairly new concept that has emerged along with the incarnation of seniors choosing to stay living in their homes instead of moving to assisted living facilities and nursing homes. Due to the limitations that naturally occur as we age, changes are necessary to meet the needs and keep security at a […]

4 mins read

How to organize your medicine cabinet

Just like your own cabinet, medicine cabinets can sometimes be quite messy, especially if you have a lot of medications stored. These days, with the booming pharmaceutical industry, you can find a wide variety of drugs being sold for different health conditions. Companies compete with each other while consumers search for the best drug brand […]

4 mins read

Greece – Cycladic architecture

Cycladic architecture is famous for its uniqueness and charm. In fact, the rapid growth of tourism in recent years has extended its reputation far beyond the borders of Greece. When you visit a city or town in the Cyclades for the first time, you may have the feeling of being in an enchanting setting. The […]