21 May, 2024
2 mins read

Top IT Industry Trends of 2015

The information technology industry is now a rapidly evolving entity that has sparked a great digital revolution. With massive advances in science and technology, the IT sector has been prone to change like the wind. What was groundbreaking yesterday could be obsolete next week. With that, the constant battle to innovate is an ongoing process […]

3 mins read

Marble kitchen countertops – to use or not to use, that’s the question

Some of the most beautiful kitchen countertops are created with marble slabs. Classic color combinations and beautiful veins make the stone highly sought after. Traditionally, marble has been used extensively in bathrooms and furniture countertops due to its delicate nature and artistic qualities. Since Greek and Roman times, marble has been known as one of […]

3 mins read

Lobster – A Story from Poverty to Wealth

When the first ships arrived in Plymouth, most shellfish were considered unfit for human consumption, largely due to their resemblance to an insect crawling on the ocean floor. Most of the first passengers during the 17th century were from England and other UK countries and were used to eating beef, lamb and poultry. What they […]

3 mins read

Diabetes: 5 tips for eating sugar wisely

Say you are diabetic but you like sweets. Are you condemned to a life of deprivation, watching others enjoy, but never participating in yourself? The surprising answer is no, at least for many type II diabetics. The reality is that most diabetics eat sugar and then feel guilty about it. Although as a physician I […]

5 mins read

12 foolproof brainstorming techniques

Writers, students, and anyone else will occasionally need an idea or two. While there may be times when ideas emerge with little or no effort, there will be times when the source of creativity will seem to have dried up. However, do not be afraid. Even if you don’t feel particularly creative, you can still […]