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Are there any seasonal flavors of beef jerky subscription you offer?

Are there any seasonal flavors of beef jerky subscription you offer?

A beef jerky subscription is the perfect gift for the jerky lover in your life. It provides long-term enjoyment well into the future and is a wonderful way to show how much you care.

Choose from a monthly auto-renewing subscription or a one-time prepaid subscription. Receive 2 bags of craft jerky delivered to your door based on your taste preference.

Seasonal Flavors

Get a curated box of the best craft jerky from top jerky makers each month delivered to your doorstep. Skip or cancel any time. Enjoy a variety of deliciously bold flavors based on your taste preferences.

Try a seasonal flavor this month like the wintery Cinnamon Buns with Rival Bros coffee, bourbon, and smoked paprika! This limited-edition jerky is only available in our holiday box.

Give this subscription as a gift or treat yourself to the best beef jerky delivered monthly! This is a lighter option than our Snack Box but still packed full of jerky. Discover new artisans and amazing flavors every month for great protein snacking on the go.

The Inferno Box

Whether you love spicy food or just want to challenge yourself, this box is the perfect choice for you! This selection includes 4 bags of some of the hottest beef jerky we offer. From the smoky Habanero to the blazing Carolina Reaper, these flavors will test your limits!

The Inferno Firework Selection Box contains a balanced assortment of Garden fireworks, concentrating mainly on fountains and roman candles. It does not contain any large bangs and is ideal for younger children.

Upon being clicked, this research crate gives the player either a Regular Box, an Unreal Box, or an Inferno Box. It is also a seasonal item that spawns at night during the Winter Event. It was first introduced in the 2016 Winter Update. It is a rare item.

The Snack Box

The Snack Box is a great way to send a care package to college students or military members. They’ll love this snack food gift pack that can help them get through those afternoon hunger slumps.

This food box is the perfect size for a tiffin, with two compartments to separate snacks like dips, fruits and veggies. It’s also great for bringing lunches and full meals on-the-go. Pair it with our travel utensil set to help cut single-use plastic from your daily life!

Each Snack Box includes a cheese & charcuterie board, Bloody Mary bars, a jar of honey, fresh and dried fruit, nuts, and crackers. It’s a one-stop-shop for snacks for the office, kids or any occasion!

The Jerky Club

Whether you are a jerky enthusiast or are looking for a unique gift for someone who is, this subscription box has you covered. With a variety of artisanal flavors and hard-to-find brands, this box is ideal for all jerky lovers.

It’s Not Just for Guys

Jerky is no longer the stuff of pro wrestlers and Sasquatch passing wicked gas over a campfire. Instead, it’s an upscale snack that’s gaining popularity among adults of all ages and genders. The latest gourmet flavors include maple bourbon churro and chipotle adobo, just to name a few.

Delish at 35,000 Feet

If you’re stuck in the sky soaring at 550 miles per hour, forget the sad airplane food cart and reach for the beefy pouch in your carry-on. Jerky is the perfect snack to stave off hunger while navigating the stratosphere. Plus, it passes TSA’s 3.4 ounce rule with flying colors. Add a personal note for free to make it the ultimate gift.

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