Updates on Infrastructure Projects in America

Two years have passed since President Biden signed the bipartisan infrastructure law that has set the stage for a once-in-a-generation investment to upgrade America’s roads, highways, bridges, transit systems and waterways. It has also provided funding to help states, tribal governments and local communities with projects like the rebuilding of their schools and construction of new water treatment plants and power lines. The work of these projects will improve the lives of Americans across the country and drive economic growth.

The Bipartisan Infrastructure Act (BIL) has already brought projects to life that were previously on hold or even stalled out, with the administration announcing 32,000 projects and $220 billion in funding to date. The projects are a mix of road, rail, air, water and energy infrastructure that will have a lasting impact on the America updates.

While the projects have varying timelines, the important point is that they are beginning. This is not just a sign that more investment is possible; it means that more infrastructure work will create jobs for America’s working families. It will also allow our economy to continue booming, even in the face of ongoing challenges from the COVID-19 pandemic and a slowing global economy.

Are There Any Updates on Infrastructure Projects in America?

One of the most telling signs of how much momentum the BIL has generated is that infrastructure investments are rising as a share of state and local government spending — a rare occurrence during economic recoveries. Moreover, BIL funding is flowing to the areas of the country that need it most. According to the American Society of Civil Engineers’ overall infrastructure grade ratings, states with lower grades are receiving more BIL funding per capita than those with higher grades. This increases confidence that the money is going where outside experts suggest it should go.

As the Bipartisan Infrastructure Act continues to grow in size and scope, it is vital to be able to track this investment. To that end, the Administration has been a leader in ensuring public transparency with its implementation of the bill. The administration has published detailed award data for 452 different funding pots in the law, allowing Americans to see how their tax dollars are being put to good use.

In the realm of healthcare, America is at the forefront of innovation and discovery. Breakthroughs in medical research, precision medicine, and telehealth are revolutionizing patient care and improving health outcomes nationwide. From combating infectious diseases to addressing the opioid epidemic, healthcare professionals are working tirelessly to safeguard the well-being of all Americans. However, challenges such as healthcare accessibility and affordability persist, prompting calls for systemic reforms and greater investment in preventive care and public health initiatives.

A recent report by Dodge Data & Analytics shows that major infrastructure projects are growing in number and value. The top projects in planning include the $12.3 billion Gateway Program Hudson Tunnel project in New York; AltAir/World Energy’s new $8.5 billion ethylene cracker plant in Orange, Texas; and Black Diamond’s new $535 million solar energy facility in Paramount, Illinois. In addition, Dodge reported a 27% increase in new starts for projects valued at more than $1 billion. Click here to learn more about the BIL’s impact on America’s infrastructure.

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