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Kitchen Staging On A Budget: How To Ensure A Big Impact With A Minimal Investment

As the saying goes, kitchens sell houses, often sealing or breaking the deal depending on how it’s presented. But don’t worry, kitchen upgrades don’t have to cost an arm and a leg like many sellers assume. Read below for some of the smarter upgrades you can do for little to no money.

1. Stain or paint outdated cabinets instead of replacing them

Before you make the expensive investment in new cabinets, try a fresh coat of stain or paint for a like-new look for about $25. Bright white or black are popular paint choices, and cherry or walnut are popular stain tones. Tidy up and clean the inside of each cabinet, put on new liners, and watch buyers appreciate their once-dated cabinets. Finish off the look by swapping out your hardware for a new updated look in a bronze or brushed nickel finish.

2. Paint the walls

The color of your kitchen walls makes a big difference in how this important space is displayed. Green and yellow are great choices for kitchens because they are appealing colors, and tan also works well for neutrality and warmth. Just be sure to choose earth-toned varieties like sage green instead of mint green, or butter yellow instead of illuminating yellow! When in doubt, go with the safer option. For a foolproof way to choose colors for resale, try a professionally recommended color palette like “Colors That Sell” (PaintColorsThatSell.com) or hire a Home Stager for a color consultation.

3. Lighting is key

Kitchen lighting plays an important role in distinguishing the overall feel of the kitchen. If you have a fluorescent light, upgrading to a chandelier or semi-flush mount fixture is an absolute must. Still have the builder-grade brass fixture hanging over your breakfast bar? Spend the $150 at Lowes or Home Depot to trade it in for a sleek new look in brushed nickel or bronze for a complete transformation of your eat-in kitchen that buyers will love.

4. Invest in new appliances

Studies show that it pays to upgrade those old kitchen appliances. If your old-fashioned oven and dishwasher take center stage, you may want to trade them in for an updated version. If you can’t afford the stainless steel variety, go for black.

5. Keep countertops generally clear

Put away your extra accessories and appliances before each visit, including can openers, coffee pots, and dish soaps. Clean, uncluttered countertops give a clutter-free, spacious feel that will give the illusion of a cleaner, larger kitchen.

6.Cluster accessories

Instead of spreading out your remaining fancy accessories on counters, group them in groups so the view can bounce from one group to the next, appreciating kitchen assets along the way.

7. Keep it bright

Having a perfectly clean kitchen is possibly the most important part of selling the space. Buyers want to feel sanitary and fresh in their potential new home, and that’s especially true in the kitchen. Make sure appliances shine, countertops shine, and cabinet faces are spot-free. Mop the floor, keep kitchen rugs washed/dampened, and even empty the dishwasher before every showing if possible!

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